This Virgin Pina Colada Smoothie is so yummy and with a mango kick, it’s even better. Non-alcoholic and refreshing, perfect for summer!

mango pina colada smoothie virgin

Virgin Piña Colada

A handful of summers ago, before I was even pregnant with baby 2, my husband and I joined his parents and sister on an adventure in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. it was one of those legitimate relaxing vacations that involved sitting by the pool and ordering up a million Virgin Pina Coladas (pinatas) and nachos and being as lazy as humanly possible. In our case, since we are not alcohol drinkers, we ordered a “pinata” wherever we went. It was a dream vacay.

We wanted to recreate something similar to what we had, and to be honest, all of the recipes we found were bland and… not great. So we made our own and we REALLY think it’s killer.

How to Make a Virgin Pina Colada that is BOMB.Com

We started with the basics, some coconut and pineapple and then thought to throw some mango in there. With the dash of rum flavor, it was like we were back in Mexico… It totally solved my case of the blahs we were having. And for a Virgin Pina Colada, this one really nailed it.

Smoothies should be made of mostly what you can find on hand, in my opinion. We almost always have some kind of pineapple in the summer. I like to cut some, freeze it, and use it for lots of stuff… we also usually have greek yogurt. This time I grabbed a toasted coconut vanilla greek yogurt and it MADE the smoothie. GO find it! If not, I’m sure it will still be good and all, but…..

virgin pina colada smoothie with mango recipe

First up, you’ll want to grab yourself a pineapple corer like this one if you don’t have one already. It takes 2 seconds and hollows out a pineapple so you can use the slices. Then you can use the shell as a cup!  It turns us into giddy ten year olds. Every. Time.

Also, some people are picky about whipped creams sometimes, but give it a try with some on top. I think it adds to the flavor for sure!!

virgin pina colada shake with mango (mango piñata)

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Virgin Pina Colada Smoothie Recipe