chicken avocado enchiladas

i have a girlfriend who just had a baby and i wanted to take them a meal that was super yummy and comfort food-esque. it was nice that it happened to be green. i saw something very similar but it was vegetarian and my boys like meat, so i added chicken to it, but it could be made vegetarian very easily!

green is hands-down my favorite color, so i love when i get to snap a little green… i was just thinking of making a collection of yummy green recipes for st patty and all… perhaps i will!

chicken avocado enchiladas

i am of the opinion that the “real” enchiladas are made with corn tortillas. i found these artisan corn tortillas at the store that we love, and they are softer like a flour tortilla, but have the flavor of corn… definitely the way to go for enchiladas, in my opinion, but if only have the stiff ones, you’ll have to dip them in some hot oil for half a second before you roll them or they’ll break on you.

chicken avocado enchiladas

and there is something about putting avocado in an enchilada that feels so right. the combo of a little bit of green sauce and the black beans… mmm. and the slightest hint of seasoning and lime…. i use a green salsa mixed in with the sauce to give it a little more umph.

also, this is going on my list of fast meals i made using a store-bought rotisserie chicken. it’s one of my new favorite things to do because i barely used 1/3 of it and have maybe 2 more meals i could use with it. this recipe feeds 5-8 people, so we would only maybe eat 1/3 or 1/2 of this recipe and have lunch the next day! {i ate the innerds for lunch today like a salad!}

chicken avocado and black bean enchiladas

i was pretty sure once i mixed these up that they’d be a hit, but after they came our hot and ready, covered in melted cheese, we were all having food-gasms over these. so naughty.  i might never go back to red…


need an appetizer to go with this mexican meal?
try this queso blanco spinach dip. it’s a-freakin-mazing.
queso blanco white cheese dip recipe

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