There are lots of areas that affect our health. What we put in our bodies is only one of them! I want to talk about all the ways we can be a little more healthy in life to be happy. If you DO need help with what to put in your body, I can help with that too! In fact, talking about nutrition is one of my favorite things. Let’s chat!

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What little changes can we make every day that will affect our happiness? How can tweaking our health help us to have more joy? Come learn with me how we can have more healthy and happy days on  the HappyLifeHacks Podcast!

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As a fitness instructor, I love to chat about exercise, and moving our bodies. I teach BodyPump and BodyCombat, so weight training and MMA are in my top fave ways to move, but I love it all. What’s great is, you don’t need to be a trainer, or even a regular gym go-er to start changing your health.

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Inspiration for a Colorful Life

Some of our favorite things for you to cook, create, do, and share with your family.


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