a perfect hint-of-spice vegetarian appetizer that packs some serious flavor.

we ate these for memorial day with friends and they went FAST!

southwest vegetarian egg rolls appetizer recipe

this weekend was long and perfect.

i will have to write all about our trip to Disneyland without kids

and about my amazing mother-in-law who stayed with my 2 kids for 2 days,

while cleaning, folding, and washing dishes along the way.

she left this morning and i was in tears to see my house clean,

all my laundry folded, the trash all emptied…

and she was gone.

didn’t even let me give her our thank you gift!

she’s amazing.  we are pretty blessed in the family department.


we also really needed that alone time.

i love my kids, i do.

and we missed them bad enough to drive right home after dinner the second day,

but man was it nice to wake up to stillness for 2 days!


last week, we made a few things to really make life easy while we prepped for said weekend,

so i threw together these super easy egg rolls, popped them in the oven,

and we shared them with friends. i also served them with my

5 minute avocado dip

and they went together perfectly!

i thought for sure i would wish these had chicken or something in them,

but i wouldn’t change a thing! they had so much flavor!

southwest vegetarian egg rolls appetizer recipe 2[amd-zlrecipe-recipe:27]