this queso blanco dip is filled with spinach and flavor and a little kick. it’s a party favorite and a must-have for cinco de mayo!

queso blanco dip recipeThe Best Queso Blanco…

Here in Arizona, there is a Mexican restaurant that is one of the best there is, in my opinion. It is ALWAYS busy, and has one of the best versions of Queso Blanco Dip I have ever tried. I was determined to figure out how to make it. We asked around and got some of the ingredients from the waiters and the husband and I spent the entire week making and remaking it. 

This recipe was originally posted in January 2013, and since then, I have added and changed the recipe at least twice. I wanted it to have the right kick. We whip this one back out of the archives when it is near Cinco De Mayo, which, as it turns out is also the day before my birthday. So it’s only fitting to share one of my favorite appetizers of all time! 

spinach queso blanco dip recipe

The Making of a Queso Blanco Dip…

When I originally posted this recipe, it grew to be one of my top visited and tried recipe on the blog. We had a LOT of questions about how to make it. One tip you must know (that I sadly learned the hard way) is that you MUST use full fat half and half or cream. Anything less will make it disgusting. Don’t try it.

We use this cheese dip in quite a few Mexican recipes and like to make it when we do tacos with family. Here is the video to help you know how to make it (and some great throw together tacos). Some have said they had a hard time getting it to mix, so be sure to take it slow and mix in each layer until melted… AND be sure you are using the full cream or half and half, low f

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queso blanco cheese dip with spinach

queso blanco dip recipe