so. i have to say that having a #manmonday has really been good for our marriage over here. and really it’s been good for my man to try making some things that he has been whining for for months…

he told me of this fried avocado taco that he had at some hole-in-the-wall taco shop here in san diego for a work lunch one day and would. not. stop. talking. about. it.
and since tacos and avocados are so san diego, i think you should give it a go. they were amazing! 

fried avocado taco shop recipe

so the following was written for #manmonday by my man Chris,
the other foodie/techie/nerd in the house.

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Out of chicken, pork, beef, or fish and really craving a taco? The avocado has got you covered.
Try out this recipe for fried avocado tacos with jalapeno ranch dressing and crush that craving.

You’re welcome!