The perfect smoked bacon deviled eggs recipe for Easter your family will love!
These smoky bacon deviled eggs are salty with a little tang and crunch that I crave in the spring!

what i look forward to more than anything though during spring…

{besides the easter candy…}
are deviled eggs.
i freakin can’t leave them alone.
so i made a pretty big batch last night,
but we kicked em up and they were a HUGE hit
we ate them all gone, i was pretty impressed.
the real, crunchy bacon adds a hint of texture and crunch and of course…
bacon flavor… so that doesn’t hurt.
i also use smoked paprika, which with the bacon, sings it’s little seasoned heart out.
so i guess you could use the regular kind. i guess… but really. really guys…
BACON deviled eggs!
 smoked bacon deviled eggs easter recipe your family will love!
last time i was in arizona, my brother and sister made us breakfast and my brother taught me his

absolutely fail-proof way to cook bacon perfectly….

how to cook perfect bacon every time

you ready for this?

in the microwave.
you heard me.
don’t be afraid.
how to cook perfect bacon every time
perfect, never-burn bacon
1/2 package thick cut original bacon
place on a microwavable plate, overlapping the pieces about 1/4 inch. place in microwave for 5-6 minutes. carefully flip the bacon over, placing this time on paper towel. {you could flip onto another plate to make it easy} return to the microwave for 1-2 minutes. {or more, depending on how crispy you want it}.
done. the strips will separate nice, or crumble nice.
the plate just wipes up, you didn’t have to babysit it for 20 minutes,
and the smell is just in the microwave. and very hard to burn.
thanks for that mac, i will be making bacon WAY too often now…and look how yummy it looks on my deviled eggs.
which is also a recipe i will be using for a long long time…

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Smoked Bacon Deviled Eggs Your Family will love and perfect for spring!