mango tart mini recipe easy cookie
one of my best friends is having twins soon,
she recently moved from san diego, but has lots of friends here,
and we are putting together a shower for her this weekend.
so excited!
i have been trying out and gathering recipes for the shower
that will fit our springy beachy theme
and that i think she’ll love.
my cute girlfriend knows her good food
and has supplied some of my favorite recipes featured here on the blog.
mango tart mini recipe easy cookie 3
so, i really want food that looks pretty, but that is super yummy too…
and yes, these mango tarts fit that bill for sure…
aren’t they lovely?
 mango tart mini recipe easy cookie 4


i used 4.75 inch tart pans, and i think they are darling, but maybe for the shower i will cut them into mini pie slices with a rose on it… cause those are super cute too… or maybe i’ll amazon some cute 3 inch ones so they can be full legit mini tarts. 😉  {note: either way, i LOVE these tart pans because they have a disc inside so they pop out easy…}

mango tart mini recipe easy cookie 2

and we have a restaurant here in del mar that everyone loves that has an amazing mango tart, so this is also a bit of local love, though these are lots sweeter and i actually like them more! 😉

i used pillsbury dough to make it go quick, cause i know i will not want to be making cookie dough the morning of the shower, but you certainly can make a sugar cookie recipe and go to town!!

mango tart mini recipe easy cookie 5