Banana Cake Bars dessert recipe. So delicious and moist and perfect for spring!
last week i went to a shower for my good friend jess
having her 3rd boy next week!  nuts!
{speaking of nuts, please don’t go an ruin these by adding any.
these are girl nana bars, not boys. mmkay}
my other girlfriend, who mind you, had a million other things on her plate,
and parents in town,
offered to make and bring these banana cake bars.
of which, i downed 5, in perhaps 3 minutes.
then i took one home to cc and he agreed.
“this has to go on the ‘schedule'”
the picture makes them look more cakey, but if done right, they will be nice and gooey,
kind of like a cloud of banana-ness…
it was 5 minutes when the world stopped…
i was low on sour cream, so substituted a bit of it for greek yogurt,
don’t do this. 
while it works, i happen to know the sour cream is the perfect secret gooey agent.
it’s in my sister-in-law’s best banana bread recipe ever,
and always makes the perfect “muffin top”
and yes, i suppose that has double meaning…
Either way, make these immediately, and let me know what you think. You’ll be addicted for sure!