A list of the best FREE chalkboard fonts and free printable prints including the FREE chalkboard background to make your own prints and invites!

Free Chalkboard fonts

FREE Chalkboard Fonts

I am always looking for new fonts and a good FREE chalkboard font too! These have been some of my favorite and most used in projects, prints, on invitations….If you are on the hunt for the perfect free chalkboard font, check out this part two here.
here’s the list to download each of these fonts pictured above:

FREE Chalkboard Background

This free chalkboard background template is 8×10 so it is perfect for printing your own! I have used this many times for digital and print projects! Once you find the right chalkboard lettering font that you like, you can pull this into Photoshop or even Word. I know some that use PicMonkey and others too. Let me know if you use any of these how you use them and tag me @colormemeg so I can see!

(There is no copyright here, so feel free to use however!)

Free Chalkboard background template download
Here are a few free chalkboard printables you are welcome to download. Just right click and save to your computer and you can print.
chalkboard lettering font | Free Chalkboard fonts
free chalkboard printable print | Free Chalkboard fonts
**UPDATE: I had lots of questions on the extra little elements. Mine are from this set I purchased here.
A helpful reader also let me know of a free set that is quite similar here
 If you are interested in learning how to create your own LEGIT hand lettering, this is such a great book!

Want MORE free fonts?

I am still, after many years of collecting, downloading more and more fonts. When I come across a new free handwriting font or a free chalkboard font that I haven’t seen and I think I might use, I legitimately get excited. Perhaps I have some hoarder tendencies, but hey, at least they don’t take up space in my garage…

Here are some of my favorites that I’ve shared in the past. If you like them, comment and let me know! Let me know how you used them!

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Free chalkboard printable