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in the midst of designing 4 blogs last week, and 4 more this week,
i realized a few things:
1- i need a vacation… and maybe a shower. i kid.
2- i apparently don’t eat when busy. oops…
3- i am way too a.d.d.
{i get stuck on a design, and have to find a new cool font…
then spend the next hour downloading them… oops.} 
almost everyone who asks about design,
asks for script and cool handwriting fonts.
 so whether you are design-your-own kind of blogger or not,
here’s a few free ones for you:
ps, try these out on your invites and prints.
script fonts are the bomb.com.
it’s hard to ruin.
and since, my life is sucked up by making your blogs pretty,
i hadn’t had time to revamp my own in months and months.
when in a few late hours of “i can’t look at this same design anymore”
i changed it up.
what do you think?
recent pre-designed templates in the shop… 
view here
view here
view here