i love fonts so much that every time i come across a few new ones, i MUST download them. like, in the middle of 12 other things, but i stop to download fonts… cause i’m super A.D.D. that way…

but that heavyweight and hooverville might have done me in… i LOVE those fonts that look like a real chalk mess…

but, i have a lot coming up, and wanted you to see what i do with all these fonts…

to start, i have found a few more fabulous handwriting, hand-drawn, chalkboard style fonts that are perfect for lots of things. when you mix these up with more sans serif and modern fonts they make for fun modern design. like this wedding announcement i designed for my sister-in-law mixing some elements from chalk hand elements and of course century gothic.
{i have an obsession, it’s true. hint: this blog is written in century gothic as well as pretty much everything i do… oops.}

here’s how it turned out:

there’s something about seeing my photos AND design in print that made me giddy for dayz!
all the fonts above are linked below:

the site is written in pablo skinny. 
the extra elements are from chalk-hand elements {purchased}
the star is from heavyweight, which also has some funny boxer guys in the dingbats… check em out!

and here’s the free chalkboard background to use as well…
{just right click and save to your desktop!}

need more! check out some posts about free fonts here!
just click on one to go to the post: