almost 6 months into this mom-dom,
and i have already sat myself down to have a post mortem.

when #2 comes around {not for a while, obviously}
i am going to try to:

– be slightly less OCD about things like my child getting hooked on a pacifier to sleep with.  cause, there are worse things…. like an inconsolable child at church that doesn’t take a pacifier….

get out more. the first few months i was in a foggy funk and didnt get outside enough….i think the lack of vitamin D did a number on me…

– be less OCD about falling asleep in bed. he will fall asleep in about 5 minutes in his own bed on his own, and has from pretty early on, so i can’t be sad about that.  with dad’s help we have re-trained in a fall-asleep-in-your-arms method that works now…. but its fickle.

-buy a good pump {not this cheapy one i have} and pump like crazy at the beginning so i don’t blow up in dolly parton pain…

– be less OCD about the schedule. he’s on one, it works wonders. i have a testimony of it. but who gives if he doesn’t sleep for 3 hours cause we are out? calm down, mom!

– be more OCD about waking dad up to help… ever since i mentioned how much his rock-solid sleeping drove me batty, he magically started hearing a crying baby at night…. and even though it is sometimes still a one person job, it makes all the difference to know it’s not just me.

sensing a theme?
i think i am going to go have me a diet coke and a chill pill…