This construction birthday party will go down as one of the best parties we have thrown. Cheap ideas and free printable birthday party invitations!

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Construction Birthday Party

This construction birthday party really was the best we have maybe thrown to date. It was cheap, it was easy to throw together on a whim, and EVERYONE had such a great time.

If you know us, I mean, outside of blogland, or have seen the few videos of this kid’s crazy knowledge of construction vehicles, you’d be like, “WHAAA?” he’s nuts.

If I don’t know what it is, he’ll tell me. “Boss, what’s that truck?”

“Dats a boom wift, Mom. and it’s blue.” {just in case that was my next question…}
smarty pants.

We threw together this construction party, planning for a perfect outdoor sunny day in San Diego.
it poured. hard.

We reconvened at the church building where there is a nursery for kids and lots of toys… tons of parking, and a kitchen. It worked out much better than we intended in the first place!

Free Printable Birthday Party Invitations that made everything easy!

The invitation, I sent out using it’s my favorite e-vite site cause they let you upload your own design. And it’s prettier. If you would like to use my free printable birthday party invitation, i added it to the printables you can download here. We used all of these signs which are also on there as well!

construction birthday party ideas food sign cake dump truck

Construction Party Ideas

Because my husband was working construction at the time in management, he had a lot of his own stuff. That’s his real hard hat that he wore on his job site. The orange homer box of course came from Home Depot, and was $8! It held the bread and meat and cheese for our “build” your own sandwich bar. My mom found this perfect little dumptruck at target, perfect size for the dump cake.

{The cake is a store-bought pre-made cake from Smart N Final with peanut butter cups and peanut butter oreo crumbs on it. i have to admit, the decision to do a pre-made cake was probably the best one we made. It was goood and took only a few minutes to throw together!}

construction birthday party food sign banner printable chalkboard

We found lots of “look-alike” foods and just used these chalkboard labels from hobbie lobby.
The “fuel” is just yoohoo chocolate milk with labels stuck on em. {chocolate milk is one of boston’s faves!}

graham crackers = ply wood
chocolate doughnuts = spare tires
cutie oranges = wrecking balls
cutlery = tools
red vines = drill bits

We also had lots of dip, so we did veggies, hummus, apples, that amazing salted caramel apple dip, and chips….

construction birthday party ideas and free birthday party printables food sign
B was a big fan of the food,
1 point for mom.
construction birthday party house paint project and eating

The perfect Construction Birthday Party for the Perfect Dude.

Boss looked perfect. Just a little dude. We had these work boots, I think from Grandma Clifford, and he finally fits into them and LOVES them.

I really wanted him to have a cool shirt that matched so I used my dump truck that I used for the invitation, and tried my hand at that freezer paper shirt that everyone keeps pinning. so. easy. so. cool!  {just print design on freezer paper, cut out with an exacto, iron on, paint, let dry, and peel it off. genius. almost embarassingly genius.}

DIY freezer paper shirt fabric paint dump truck for construction birthday partyhere’s the template if you want to make your own:
I couldn’t find one, so I made one… 😉
dump truck shirt template

just open in a new window, right click, and save to print!

Construction Birthday Party Jobsite

We couldn’t have a party without a project! It just wouldn’t be a job site without something to “work” on… so i ordered this cute cardboard house from amazon. the kids loved it!
We had older siblings there and the older kids were all over this one… we just let em at it cause I also had the good washable paint…

 construction birthday party house paint project
construction party house paint project 2 rain boots
This kid here was in his happy place.
I could hardly get him to look at me because he was so busy…
 + 200 mom points
 construction birthday party house paint project

How to throw a Construction Birthday Party ON THE CHEAP!

I called up home depot and told them we were doing a party.
they told me to come down and they’d give me aprons for free
{the ones they give out at the free kids workshop every first Saturday….
we are SO doing that next month}
They had huge reusable bags there for .50 and those construction pencils…
Then I ran around the corner to the dollar store and found some little construction trucks…
We printed little tags and boom, these favors came in at about 1.60 a piece!
+100 {my friend has a cool mom} points
cheap ideas for construction birthday party favors home depot orange cheap
I kept asking boss how he liked everything
and I always got a crazy jumbled excited answer that included lots of running and bouncing.
which might be due to the higher intake of sugar… but i’ll take it…
The day before he kept telling me out of the blue,
“you, are one dynamite gal….dynamite gal….
dynamite gal….”
construction birthday party


construction birthday party food sign cake dump truck 2

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