we had a great weekend.
sort of a break, sort of a lot of work,
but it was great.
we spent some much-needed time as just us, and spent thanksgiving evening at a cute neighbor family who invited us for dinner.
they were great, the food was great, and though cc was at first a little concerned to be without family at a thanksgiving dinner, but it was great.  
very informal, and lots of young-types to play with b.
the only pictures i had of the evening were of the pretty dessert.
a chocolate mousse, 
cause she said they aren’t really pumpkin pie types.
{too bad i brought them a pumpkin dessert. oops}
we spent the day at the park, and enjoying the outdoors.
and on black friday, we braved the storm at joann’s 
{which may have been worse than walmart} 
and then picked up our very first real tree.
then we put on a christmas movie and set up christmas….
my favorite activity of the weekend.
it makes me so happy… more pictures to come soon once we’re all set up…
in the meantime, i had 2 photo shoots within 12 hours, and the biggest weekend of the year for the shop, and a huge a sale on veryjane.  needless to say, this week will be busy.
i’m almost ready for a part-time nanny.
if you’re ready to watch my busy nearly-two-year-old, let me know.
and a winner for the Etsy giveaway!
aubrey charlebois
thanks again for playing, 
we’ll have to do this again sometime since that was so much fun!
be sure and contact me within 2 days or i will go ahead and contact a new winner.