we had only barely finished unpacking, buying a couch,
and settling in,
but within hours of all of our cute nerds arriving,
we were up and ready and
geekishly clad,
with a happy, well-rested kid who has no idea he’s 1.
B was so happy to see all of his family and friends
and loved all over his first ceremonial piece of cake.

it was a little bit of an out-of-body experience.
sometimes i can’t hardly believe he really has been here a whole year.
and sometimes i can’t believe it’s only been a year!
yes, all you moms told me it would go fast,
and you were right.

this one about sums up the night.
nerds, technology, apple products, food products.
the end.

the nerdy dad had even hooked up the apple tv to play all of the photos taken throughout the night from his iPad so they showed up on the slide show playing on the big tv.

it was fun to see all of the photo booth pictures show up so our cute and nerdy guests could see what we saw…

we were so entertained we didn’t even need to whip out the iPad Pictionary…

{the photo booth was built by our friends who let us use it for the night,
and then came to help take pictures too.
sidestory: they built it as their first date! cute, right?!}
i must say, i can’t stand how cute a guy is with the nerd glasses and an up-do… young, and old.
thanks, everyone, for such a fun night!
already dreaming up boston 2.0
cause we can’t wait to do it again.
in case you missed it part one is here.