i don’t really fancy myself the expert on painting,
but i will say that every time i do something like this, i learn something new. 

this little nightstand was in my bedroom since jr. high.
it matches all of my black and red mary engelbreit furniture that my dad and i painted together.

it was a more shabby style nightstand
that i needed to not be black…
but the nice thing is, it was black.

so all the cute detail i could leave black and it popped as if i spent hours putting it there.
just painted over the detail,
a little change up on the hardware, and done.

the other thing i learned,
not all wood needs sanding.

i tested an area that i sanded, and one that i didn’t, and the paint coverage was exactly the same.

in this case, it was because a flat paint was used before, almost no shine on it… it was basically primed and ready for more paint.

the kitchen table, i’m working on however, has layers and layers of lacquer and polyurethane. its going to need a little sanding, AND a primer before i paint…
but still not a lot of sanding. so it just depends on the surface.

you know how not all asians look the same? 
neither does furniture.

{but if you still think asians look the same, go to alllooksame.com.}

and this little pop of subtle color looks perfect in my new beachy bedroom!