my uncle asked if we wanted to join them for a hike before dinner.
we usually get together for dinner on sundays,
but he announced today was a tuna fish sunday.
to which no one argued!
so, just a block or two from their home,
armed with sunscreen and snack packs,
we went on ourselves a 2-hour hike.

yet another great reason i love living here:
not only am i close to this family i love,
but close to the beach,
AND the mountains.

we stopped many times to learn about plants…

and to admire all the creeks and waterfalls tucked away in the canyon.

…stopped for snacks, and put our toes in the water…

then hiked home to sit on the patio and enjoy  
yummy homemade tuna sandwiches and sprite zero.

sound of music, right?

i really could get used to this whole summer thing…