eventually i want to know this entire city like the back of my hand,
but i feel like i am still in season one of dora
we’ve got so far to go to see this entire place.
and that’s the way i love it.
this weekend, 
some friends took us to little italy
it really is pretty romantical.
the streets are lit up just enough to see all of the color on the buildings.
driving around for a spot, i almost wished we had more time to just drive the streets….
i pinned lots of spots that would be perfect for photo shoots…
there are lots of shops, i wish we had time to peruse too,
one of our favorite things to do…

 we walked into only one of the many cute italian restaurants,
with a shop in front.

it felt like being on the east coast again.
lots of tiny places that double as a mini ethnic grocery as well.

and some of the best pizza i’ve had in a long time…
and that was only one of them…
we’ve got work to do in here…