this might be one of the more fun things i’ve crafted up in a while. more of my little reese’s birthday party coming up…

 watermelon piñata DIY bat

my little 1-yr-old’s party was so much fun. we had a few of our friends and family and had a low-key evening picnic. it was cool, overcast, and relaxed. i whipped up this piñata a few days before and it was the perfect activity for this crowd. it’s nice to have an activity in addition to gifts and cake, but it was something that can take as long or as little time as we wanted, which is nice, because we spent so much time just chillin that we almost ran out of time to do it!

watermelon piñata DIY

to make the pinata you’ll need:

cardboard box {enough to cut the size watermelon you want}

scotch tape

crepe paper in pink, dark green, and light green

liquid glue or a strong glue stick

black paper

to assemble:

cut out the large “rounded” triangles (2),

 larger rectangles for the sides (2),

and one smaller rectangle for the bottom.

bend them a little before attaching them so they form easy.

then cut the crepe paper. i folded it like an accordion so it was many layers, then snipped both sides like fringe before i cut it up the middle to make the narrow fringe like you see.

i glue them pretty close together, no further than 1/2inch apart, and i found that liquid glue worked best,

but wanted to be smoothed out with my finger as i went to keep it from glopping up the crepe paper.

it only took about an hour to glue it all on!


how to make a DIY pinata

for the party i had looked and looked for cute treat bags for the kids to collect candy in, but ended up grabbing these little cardboard baking pans for no reason and they were perfect for this!

watermelon piñata DIY candy holders

isn’t it cute! i want to make piñatas for every party now! so fun! my husband kept reminding me that i was spending so much time on a baby’s party, but ya know, it was worth it. those kids had fun and looking at it made me smile.

that’s worth it, right?

watermelon piñata DIY picnic party