not drunk.
we don’t do that…

but super, crazy tired-dead.

thanksgiving was a long weekend.
after selling over a hundred cases on veryjane,
and quite a few on the site, and with 2 photo shoots that weekend, as well as 2 blogs to design, i had a lot of time to put in for the last week or so….

{hence my m.i.a.-ness on the BRC this week…}

and now that most of the cases are done, and i am just finishing up my last few projects before i can get a break, a lot of stress is gone, and left me with pure, unadulterated exhaustion.

it’s like we can’t catch up on sleep.

last night we went down before 11.

i wish i could say we’ve been to bed before 1am at all in the last 2 weeks…
but we’ve been doing this…

and this…

with mini breaks along the way to play with this…


but do you wanna hear the sweetest thing on the planet?

my MIL texted me this morning asking if i was surviving…
i was honest and said the worst part is over… but it’s not …over…
and how much i am dreaming of cold cabin days with no internet,
mexican coco, and cheesy action movies… can’t.wait.

she promptly replied that she was “making me dinner!”

{she ordered and had pizza delivered for dinner tonight.}
is that not the most generous, thoughtful thing?!

it’s like she wakes up thinking, “whose day can i make today?”

i want to be more like that.