i would be lying if i said this kid is going with the flow around here.
in fact, i am sure he is 80% of my fatigue these days…
since he came home to meet his sister,
he has been far less cuddly, and a little more bossy.
i mean, he’s two, it’s to be expected,
and i think he’ll settle down a bit,
but seriously, the toddler/newborn combo-
who’s lame idea was this??

 he is pushing buttons, so independent,
everything is his, his turn, or something he has to do.
it means he disappears outside, jumps all over things,
distroys his room, and gets himself {sort of} dressed, runs through church,
hammers his nails next to the baby, drives trucks passed her crib…
and it means mom’s patience is dripping out slowly…
i’m running on empty here.
and the only good news is that when he gets hurt {at least 3-5 times a day}
he still asks for mommy.
and when we lay down to read books before bed, he even held my hand… once.
i know now that he’s a big kid, it will be harder to get my lovin in, 
so i cherish him when he lets me.
the rest of the time, tends to induce migraines

 i will say, this little guy loves his sister.
he is sweet with her, wants to help, and lets us know just about everything she is doing or needs {according to him}
and he is already a sweet protective big brother.
just one of the many reasons i was hoping for a boy first.
i loved having older brothers to watch out for me…

i can’t wait to see how they play when reese gets bigger.
he talks to her about it all the time.
“hi, baby, this is my truck. hi, baby, i’m drivin my car!”
“hey baby reese, wook at me, i’m your big bruder!”
in the mean time, i can hardly believe i have 2 kids,
and that one is halfway to 3. 
please don’t grow up too fast, sweet boy.
i plan to kiss you for many years to come,
so get used to it.