these cute peeps are our dear friends.
their dog’s name is boston, goes by boss,
we laugh a lot about how similar our lives are.
these guys were actually the first to find out we were pregnant this time.
she asked me and i was not prepared with my lie yet, 
having only told cc the day before.
i couldn’t say no, so we let em in on our secret.
a while later, we went out to dinner,
afterward, we “stopped by” the apple store to get my phone replaced…
only it wasn’t a short visit…
by the time we were done, 
it was 9pm and boss was outside in dad’s arms screaming harder than he ever has to date.
he was tired, had a completely messy {and now rashy} diaper, and he was over it all.
the drive home was comical.
after we dropped of our friends, 
cc and i laughed at how great of birth control that evening must have been. 
who wants to jump into a life of that?!
we got home, changed and put down our screaming toddler,
then sat on the couch and let out huge sighs of “phew, that’s over”
later we found out, they did the same. 
and it was a “lets wait forever to have kids”
kind of event just as we thought…
thee very next morning, 
cute candice called her husband at work and said, 
“i have some bad news!”
we were at dinner at urban pi in solana beach,
when i asked her out of the blue if she was pregnant…
that was after we ordered and ate all of this:
{2 pregnant ladies and 2 men, classic.}
such a great story.
such great friends.
and so glad she asked me to shoot them.
i love shooting people i love.

congrats you guys, you will make great parents of little humans too.