toasted pesto chicken salad sandwich

this recipe looked so amazing,
i just had to try it!
and true to meg-form,
i coudn’t find the recipe the day i needed it…
so i improvised,
and we were not at all sad about this.
cc, the man who formerly hated tomatoes,
said it was like a caprese salad, with bread!!
{he will now eat tomatoes because of said salad}
i had it again for lunch.
it’s pretty summery and light
and the flavor is amazing.
also, i baked my chicken in the oven for tons of flavor:
a few chicken boobs, covered in steak seasoning,
cover with foil, bake for 20 minutes…
then toss them right in the kitchen aid with the beater to shred while it’s hot.
the chicken had so much flavor that it didn’t take much to make these sing!!
toasted pesto chicken salad sandwich 2