yes. 21 days or less.
and yes, i did my hair to take this photo today.
a very rare treat indeed.
i have been so freakin tired.
if i didn’t have such a huge belly, you’d think i have mono.
i am usually an insomniac,
but lately… all day and all night i could live in bed.
i have a friend who said the other day, 
“you were looking really great until about a month ago… 
now you just look uncomfortable.”
{ps, i apologize to anyone that i may have said this to. it’s not nice.}
i have a few things making me super happy these days
{brought to you by my iphone}
· · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · ·
my oops burpcloths and bloops swaddles.
i had these with boss, but of course needed a girly stash.
steph from stuphfromsteph is amazing.
we traded for her blog design and i can’t stop looking through these cute things.
she made me a few extra custom ones too so i could have all the colors i love.
these are the best baby gift too- check her out for sure!
my petunia pickle-bottom diaper bag.
one of my best friends picked this up for $50 from last chance in AZ for me
cause she’s awesome. i always tried to find a more purse-esque diaper bag,
but then coveted these because they are just so ridiculously practical.
it has backpack straps and messenger, and cc picked it cause it has red…
can’t wait to use it for realz!

my bumpnest pregnant pillow.
guys, this is amazing.
i did some photography for their website
{as they are two neighbor families that launched it}
and as part of payment, they let me pick a pillow.
i went with the cute teal peacock feather.
it’s my happy thought every time i curl up into it.
no, i didn’t shoot these awesome photos…. but the site looks amazing, you would have no idea that 2 men are behind it!
the splash pad.
it’s close, it doesn’t require getting sandy, paying for parking,
and lugging a fat lady and a two year old….
and no making lunch, cause it’s in the middle of all kinds of places i probably shouldn’t eat…
we’ve been a few times when i gave up on doing more…
 and i always feel like a rockstar mom for even getting out of the house, so there’s that.
my boys. particularly the one i married.
i get emotional just writing that he is mine.
he does lots of the cooking these days, 
{even if i plan it, he makes me sit on the couch and dictate what to do.}
he comes home to a disaster zone and just quietly cleans up.
then he’ll sit and rub my fluffy feet,
and insist i keep my feet up while he does all the dishes.
honestly, who knows how i lucked out.
and look, he’s training B to be like him. win-win.
disclaimer: i hope i didn’t make you feel awful that you didn’t marry my husband. 
your problem, not mine.

we put these doorknob locks on my bathroom door and on the inside of B’s room.
 judge all you want, but my kid
{who use to stay in his bed until i came to get him in the morning}
would get up, sometimes at 4 or 5am, declaring he was done sleeping.
 now he plays for a while until he gets bored or hungry
then knocks on the door for someone to let him out.
{it means i get to sleep in until 8:30 or 9 again.}
yes, i know that will change soon,
but i still wake up with a silly grin like we are brilliant or something.
my girl clothes collection.
thanks to a ridiculous cute shower with dear friends,
reese is hooked up with some of the cutest stuff i’ve seen.
why is it the clothes are what really get me anxious to meet her…?

my little helper.
we are getting a new studio space ready,
and found lots of cool areas outside that will be cool to shoot in too…
i kept having people stand to snap shot some potential cool “natural” backdrops,
and b had to help too. “here, mom. take a picture.”
he’s going to be such a good brother. 
he is always helping….
“we need to find mommy’s cwothes.”
“mommy, you stuck? i help you.”
“mommy, you makin the bread? bossy help you mom?”
mother butter.

 bring it on baby girl.
we are officially ready now.