mothers day gift ideas big red clifford

i was making a list of things i eventually want to buy myself,
and realized mother’s day, and well, my birthday,
are coming up soon.

at our house, cc calls the month of may, “the other christmas”.
it’s my birthday,
mothers day,
AND our anniversary.

lets just say it’s a great month for me.

so this list is some for me, and maybe for you. 😉
but mostly for me.
{lets be real, mostly for cc.}

thanks in advance, darling husband.

monogrammed mom necklaces with initials for my 2 kids from cute Etsy shop here
{a few of my friends have these and i covet them daily.}
custom case from yours truly’s shop here, a course.
mason jar mug set from pottery barn… or wherever really. i just need them!
sil pat mats. don’t judge me for not owning these yet. but it’s time. they are here
cute print for moms here
cute suit for summer from downeast here
perfect huge 2Gal drink jar for parties. i need this bad. found one here
i want to do my own gel nails. that’s not weird, right? good. lamps and polish, also here
everyone has a kitchen aid…. but i can make ice cream in it??? you can go buy me one here
this is my “more practical” list.
even as i made this one, i had a list of random cute things i just want pop up too…
might need a few lists…
oh, and don’t forget to check out the giveaway for $25 to Etsy
and a printable VintPrint yearly planner here