my mama is a known cookie master.

these chewy oatmeal chocolate chip cookies are my favorite kind she makes.

and i needed a bit of home today. and yeah, i also added some bacon for dad…

oatmeal chocolate chip cookies - perfect recipe

my mother isn’t just a cookie master,

everyone knows she’s the cookie master.

and she’s not just the master of cookies.


that woman can do pretty much whatever she wants to in the kitchen, and she practically has.

to be honest, it’s one of the reasons i am motivated to try stuff out in the kitchen…

if i’m going to be half the cook she is, i have to start now.

and i have huge shoes to fill…


i saw a recipe on pinterest for bacon thrown into cookies and i was intrigued.

so i whipped out my old family recipe book,

the one that is stained with oil and chocolate, torn, and has many scribbled notes i wrote down next to recipes

that my mother dictated to me over the phone while i was in college.

oatmeal chocolate chip cookies with maple bacon

my mom’s name is next to so many of the recipes that my very very large family uses often.

and it made me smile to think of sitting up to her counter,

telling her all about how hard life is right now, and having a plate of oatmeal chocolate chip cookies and glass of milk,

gently shoved toward me with a twinkle in her eye.

that part of my mom is a lot like hers. that granny and her cookies…


see, my mom’s not just the master of food.

it’s her love language.

if someone is struggling in life, what they most likely need is a good comfort food.

and she’s not wrong in that.

{not that i’m saying we have unhealthy relationships with food or that we are huge emotional eaters… and maybe to some degree we are…}

but she knows that the gesture of bringing something yummy is a big one.


my husband has been pretty stressed,

so in thinking of super comforty man-food,

i placed some super thick cut bacon in the oven on some parchment at 425 degrees.

i drained {and saved} the grease at about 8 minutes, and again at about 12.

after both drainings, i covered the top of the bacon in brown sugar.


and once they were dark and glazed over in drunken sugar goodness,

i took em out, and transferred them to a plate to cool.

lets just say that once these guys came down from heat town, they were

thee yummiest strips of bacon i have ever ingested.

who knew? sugar.

my husband tried one and his eyes rolled back into his head.

like serious man-food happy moment.


he said it’s a lot like a bacon “jerky” in the way that it’s got lots of flavor, it’s the perfect not-too-crispy, but not-too-soft texture,

and you could really put down a pound of bacon this way. it’s dangerous, it really is. but if you need a treat to take a man…

just saying. it would be received with love. sugar glazed bacon "jerky"

i even cut some up into bits and added them to this already perfect cookie recipe and they were VERY tasty.

not gonna lie, not incredibly noticeable enough to do every time, and yeah, kind of a gimmick that they got me to try for father’s day, {totally worked, by the way}

but yes very tasty, and adds that hint of salty goodness that my man likes.

just don’t go saying that i told you your earth would be shattered or anything, cause it isn’t likely to be.

oatmeal chocolate chip cookies with bacon 2

at the end of the day though,

save this oatmeal chocolate chip cookie recipe!

it’s the chewiest, most fail-proof recipe.

i make it almost once a month, usually just to eat the dough…

{mostly when i’m… hormonal….}

it’s healing, i swear it.

oatmeal chocolate chip cookies- the best recipe