it goes without saying that we are huge high-tech geeks.

before you go all “mac products are not that cool and are way too expensive” yadda yadda,
let me say that i was raised on apple products in my home.

we literally owned every computer model from the black n white tower version of the 90s.
my husband converted to apple pretty quickly after we decided to get married.
it was almost immediate.

my dad has received a macworld magazine as long as i can remember. for father’s day this year, i got cc a subscription so he could be a real “dad”. when it comes, i am invisible for a solid hour…

we are those geeks that curl up to watch the new apple keynote with legs locked,
frozen yogurt in hand, and lots of girly giggling…

i will admit, we were a bit skeptical this time about what apple could actually do to improve on the iphone 5. in fact, we had just seen this youtube video “iphone 5s. s, is for same.”
seriously. the design is the same guys, why are we all still buying it?? 
watch it. it’s hilarious.

i’ll tell you why to buy it, dang it.

those genius thieves thought about 2 new things i just can’t ignore: security, and camera lighting.
you can watch the two videos about these here.

since you aren’t likely to watch, i’ll just tell you. you will be able to store your fingerprint in the device and unlock your phone with your touch. crazy. like, from the future crazy.

and of course the camera is MUCH better: a motion sensor now to help with shakiness, a new auto white balance, f2.2 lens, matrix metering, 15% larger sensor, multi-burst mode… and a true tone flash. the flash has 1000 variations of color to help counteract any light situation for more true lighting. seriously, watch the video.

some think it’s about the megapixel. it’s not.
they went for the quality of image without needing more pixels, and thus taking up more space. the more they try to pack in there, the bigger phone you’ll need. {we’re going for the larger ones this time anyway, but i digress…} the bigger sensor, brighter lens, will give you sharper images, less noise, more control as a photographer. so don’t be a hater, this is a real upgrade here

for a mom, and a photographer, it’s just genius. cause though i have a $3000 piece of equipment that i know how to use well, i still rarely take it with me everywhere i go. for a mom that over-documents {cough} that will be priceless. {well, not completely…}

there are also lots of new video upgrades, option to edit sections to slow motion…etc.
for the camera alone, i’ll get it.
then they throw in the security and i’m like, “my kid can’t access my phone unless i physically do it for him?” sold.

and here’s the deal. we have iphone 4s right now.
we usually skip a model and upgrade for the next one. why? 
cause we make money upgrading.

if we are due to upgrade, we can sell the old phone unlocked for more than it costs to purchase a new one with a contract. so, naturally, we do that!

they also will be debuting another version of this upgrade: the iphone 5c.
it’s more like the original iphone 5, but comes in color, all made of one piece.  it was a hard decision for a few seconds about which phone i wanted, but again, the camera in the 5s is too big to ignore…
you can watch the video about the 5c here. it’s pretty cool!

and of course the operating system has been upgraded and will be available soon for all iphone 4+ phones… that will make you feel like you have a new phone in your hand for sure. they have redesigned the look of the apps, the feel of web browsing…
for us geeks, it will feel like christmas morning.
the kind where you wake up with carpal tunnel from fiddling all day…