yam and apple bake holiday recipe dessert side dish thanksgiving

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this year feels a little weird, not gonna lie.  i mean, last year, we didn’t go home for thanksgiving because we were hoping it meant more time off for christmas, and it didn’t.

but we had my brother from l.a. come and we spent all day making food and watching the parade and it still felt like a holiday to remember….

i am already worried about feeling bored this weekend, so we’ve been making and baking to try to counteract, and we have plans to set up christmas and do some playing amid the work that is keeping us here… {this time, it’s my work…}

we took this to a family dinner on sunday for my uncle’s birthday.  he doesn’t really do “sweet stuff” and has -2% body fat… {he’s the san diego poster child that eats chia seeds and runs marathons and triathalons for funzies.} he’s an odd duck that way…

but, i knew he liked sweet potato, so i went for it.
and we were all eating it cold out of the dish by the evening’s end…

this is a recipe my mom gave me last year, and we love it.
last night i asked cc if he wanted to have “steak… and maybe some yams…”
he replied, “oh, you mean that dessert? so like, steak and dessert…?”
cause it kind of is….

what are YOU making this year…? 
cause in truth, we will probably be making a reservation…