Reese’s new toy inspired our Sunday walk. Then we realized we should be out every night with our kids because it’s awesome.
taking walks as a family

As a parent, it’s fun to watch kids explore, to see the world through new eyes and learn.

It’s also fun to watch them try and try again at something and to be there to witness them finally succeed.

My heart melts to see the face of triumph and the look for approval.

My little girl decided to start walking just a week ago and has done so all over the place.

She’s been so much fun and loves to clap for herself every few steps when she realizes it’s a new trick.

toddler toys reese

So Sunday afternoon, we took out the toys and went outside to let the kids go free.

So many smiles and lots of laughing.

The adults’ phones went away and we really enjoyed each other.

It wasn’t a long walk, but

I realized how little we actually tune out everyone else and check in as a family, especially when we get outside.

Every time we do, we always say how we should do it every night. It’s some of the best times we have had together as a little unit,

and the only down side is that NO ONE wants to go inside when it’s time…

toddler toys reese balls

We had a toy like this when Boss learned to walk and it made all the difference.

Reese got this Bright Starts™ Step-N-Ride Lion™ for her birthday,

{which was only days after she started to walk}

so she already prefers riding on it and playing with the balls more than pushing it to walk!

It’s perfect for her and makes her giggle. And since Bright Starts™ is about the FUN first,

it’s actually designed to make babies laugh! Which is pretty cool.

Healthy babies laugh a lot, did you know that?

I was thinking about that on our walk,

{another great reason to walk – thinking.}

and how Reese hasn’t been laughing a ton lately because she’s been so focused on walking,

and we’ve been busy with getting here and there too.

If I don’t spend the time to let her explore and laugh with her,

she doesn’t always get a chance to.

It takes really unplugging from screens and plugging back into my family to see them light-up.

The few hours after our walk, my son was the cutest we’ve seen him in a while. Super chatty, smiley, and giggling about everything.

Walking with the family is healing, I’m sure of it.

At least laugh-inducing at our house, which is also important. 😉

Reconnecting, exercising, fresh air, laughing, getting away from screens and everything else that causes us stress…

Let’s all go on more walks. I’m sure we’d be happier.

Do you know what your baby’s Baby Laugh Index™is? You can check it out at

They’ll ask you what your baby laughs at, what it sounds like… it’s fun!

Here was Reese’s:

Screen Shot 2014-08-03 at 5.25.26 PM

Bright Starts™ has a few other toys that promote laughter and are very cute. Both my kids love them.

They have the 3-in-1 Step ‘n Ride Lion™, the Hide ‘n Spin Monkey™, and the Jungle Fun Ball Climber™.

All of them are great for development and really fun.

It made our little outing perfect for our little family.

We are so often cramped in our little space and this is going to help us get out and laugh together!

reese toddler toy bright start walker

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To help you get your walk on, I am giving away one of these Bright Starts™ toys: Jungle Fun Ball Climber™, Hide ‘n Spin Monkey™, or 3-in-1 Step’n Ride Lion™

Just leave me a comment below and tell me:

What makes your kids laugh the hardest?


What is your favorite thing to do with the kids to “disconnect” {from technology}

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