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so, i had to share this.
i saw it circulating on facebook, so i tracked down the updated version.
it’s a little depressing, and truth is, i fall into that first 25% now!

i read to my kids at least once daily, because it became part of our routine,
and i’m glad for that, but it’s true that after they’re 8, it’s an uphill battle to keep them readers.

i have a 10 year old cousin who never puts books down. he’s a genius.
{he doesn’t know that yet}. his writing is some of the most creative and vocabulary-rich i’ve seen. and his mind is built for building. he connects dots in ways i know for sure i didn’t at his age.
i’m positive it is because he’s such a great reader…

i used to read a lot. and don’t know for obvious reasons…. when do you read??
i feel like my brain is losing cells daily. i am playing puzzles, blocks, doing laundry, or yelling at a 2 year old while i do something on a screen… so when they sleep, i may or may not sit and watch a show quietly to not disturb the piece and because it doesn’t use any more of my leaking brain juices,
and because i always feel like i need some entertained me time.
but i can do something better with that time.

my husband and i are listening to divergent and so far, we like it,
and i also really like non fiction books… but do you have any others that i should put on my list to read next year?  i just realized that i have 2 more months before i go all “new years resolution-y” again and i had better get my act together!

Reading, you just landed yourself a first class ticket to my new years goals list.

what did you read this year, or want to?