it’s no secret that it’s beach weather here in san diego.
i was there today in fact. 
a few weeks ago i was wearing some comfy spandex that crop below my knees and i fried my legs only below my knees. 
lets just say that naked i look like a pregnant wonder woman.
i’ll let you work on deleting that image on your own.
so when albion fit contacted me about a giveaway i was super excited. 
i myself had the hardest time deciding what i wanted and it took me a while…
do i get something big and comfy for right now?
do i go with the cute fitness workout clothes
or one of the stunning swimsuits i can fit into in a few months…?
i ended up with the super cute charcoal one piece at the top up there.
{i can’t fit into it yet}, but it’s so well made, 
much higher quality fabric than i’m used to with my 3-month lasting suits i’ve been sporting…
this site is a great find.
most women out here live in their cute workout clothes, 
and of course in a few weeks once school’s out,
they’ll all be in suits too.
a girlfriend of mine had a tunic coverup just like this one that i spent all last summer looking for!
{they have one in white too- score!}

could you die over this cute showstopper suit? and green?!

if you want to enter the giveaway below, follow the directions on the rafflecopter below and don’t forget to share for additional entries! {it takes a second to appear}
if you are impatient, albionfit has offered a coupon code for my friends if you want to go snag yourself a discount now {valid through June 4th!} 
just enter clifford15 to get $15 off of your purchase of $50! 

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