a foto recap of the hottest weekend of my life.

dear arizona,

knock it off.

home is where you don’t wake up sweating.
{i should needlepoint that on a pillow. wait – what’s needlepointing?}

we went to the cabin. which should have been cooler. hint: it wasn’t.
but it was a party.

first i got some hairs cut. a much-needed re-up that my genius SIL helped come to fruition.  just look at that nasty mane… and how sad…

it’s life-changing.
and i don’t think i’m being dramatic.

{cc drove the 14-hours non-stop all by himself and came in at 4am 
where i was practically in tears worried. 
he reached up and touched my hair in the dark… 
“oh. that IS short…” 
he likes it now that he has seen it in broad daylight…}

then i went to the temple with my sister. talk about cool.
so proud of that girl. {no pictures cause we just didn’t. fail}

then to the cabin.
maybe i can pack my child for a full week of red, white, and blue…. so what?

maybe we were in the parade again…

maybe my MIL made a fave cake….{jello cake  – um, yes please}

went to church…

and this is self-explanatory…

thanks, arizona {and subsequent families that live there}
we needed that.

…minus the heat.
could have lived without that…