i am not one to keep things.
i really feel good about purging and letting go.
one of my favorite spring things is

so, since my house is pretty much purged from the move,
we’re having a VintPrint sale instead!
i have a handful of cases left over from my event, and i wanted to make sure they had happy homes to go to {just in time for mom’s day…}

the shop is ready with all kinds of pre-designed cases that are ready to ship for a HUGE discount + FREE Shipping on all of the cases….

a girlfriend of mine,
{an old roomate from my D.C. teaching days who taught me about Etsy and helped me come up with my shop name in 2008}
sent me a copy of the email that Etsy sent out this weekend…

and look who’s trending!!

that explains why they’re suddenly going so fast!
what a great way to top off a perfect, quiet and productive holiday weekend.
i am so grateful to be busy and losing sleep over something so much fun!
{and to have something i can do to help around here – can you say, Easter miracle?}

so hurry while i have them in stock!  otherwise, feel free to check out the website as well for a few of the non-personalized cases.
it will probably look different as we go and we are still adding lots of stuff,
but here it is, a brand new-born baby site: