one of the easiest, most flavorful crockpot meats i’ve made in a long time.

so much flavor, you won’t need to add much to the tacos you put it in.

spicy dr pepper crockpot pork recipe 

i was so looking forward to this weekend.

friday the 23rd was our anniversary. we got married that year, knowing that we would always be able to use the long weekend somehow to our advantage,

whether on the front-end or the back end of a short week.

this year it fell perfectly because our anniversary was friday, so we got to go out, then have a long weekend,

and next weekend we will go away for a night or two to celebrate some more.

it’s perfect.

cc took me to melting pot for our date, cause he’s never been

{and it’d been years for me!}

anniversary 2

we came to the understanding that when we are millionaires someday,

i could eat there every weekend in happiness.

he also upgraded my ring and had it cleaned, dipped, and resized!

{the wedding band is new- i LOVE it!}


sarurday we walked balboa park, one of our favorite places here in san diego.

a great place to go if you are visiting cause there are always things going on

and it’s just beautiful.

balboa park     spanish village

 i particularly love spanish village because it’s so bright and colorful.

the kids loved it, and since it was kind of cloudy, it was a good use of a day!

 yesterday on memorial day,

 we went to a pancake breakfast and my little skaters rode the lot…

skater boys

 and of course we ending the afternoon at the beach.

because that’s where EVERYONE else was.

it was a perfect beach day.

  beachsandy face

going with our “lazy weekend” theme, i wanted sunday dinner to be lazy and yummy.

so we browned a pork shoulder,

and threw it in the crockpot for some lovin,

covered in chipotle chilis and dr. pepper,

and hours later we roasted it in the oven for a few minutes to get a little char on them,

and we threw them in tacos with avocado, lettuce, cheese…etc.

oh my, this meat is good.

totally stands alone without much added

and would go well on sandwiches, rolls, tacos, quesadillas… and we have tons left over

{which was all part of my evil plan to begin with…}

spicy dr pepper crockpot pork recipe 2