I’m all about giving flowers that are ALSO a yummy treat! These rose apple tarts are perfect for fall.

Rose Apple tarts for fall

Rose Apple tarts for fall

Since our cabin trip and eating all of those fresh apples, my fall senses have been tingling. It’s like my ears perk up and my tail wags whenever I see a drool-worthy apple recipe and I ache to bake.

Not that I don’t bake throughout the year, but like clockwork, fall happens and I turn into a mild, and more obnoxious and irreverent version of Betty Crocker, perpetually covered in flour and shoving plates of treats out the door with my husband. It happens. and it is exactly why we always have to start a diet again in January.

I watched a video somewhere of these rose apple tarts and ran out to get some puff pastry like my life depended on it! Another win for the Internet, friends, cause this one is as yummy as it is beautiful. Smells like comfort and fall, and would make for a lovely fall shower dessert too. Β And BONUS: They look WAY more impressive like you slaved over them, but really they are no work at all… Score!

Tarts have always been something I see and say, not happening, that is FAR too intense. But this was almost as easy as that one time I made mango tarts and everyone bowed at my feet like I invented sugar or something. “Oh stop, please, quit telling me I’m fabulous…” #saidnooneever

Rose Apple tarts for fall


Rose Apple Tarts for fall

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Rose Apple Tarts | Super easy and quick fall dessert or appetizer