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refashioned chicken and potatoes {& a cookbook you need}

recipe below

my brother gave me this fabulous {a new favorite} cookbook for mother’s day
and it was a game-changer.
{time for dinner from cookie editors}
{i am not getting anything for telling you}
this is a ridiculously helpful book
and i spend hours pouring over it.
it isn’t just a cookbook. 
its one of those, 
“how to do the mom thing and make easy/good food too” kind of books.
here are the chapters:
The Family Kitchen.
If I Could Just Make It To Wednesday…
I Want Something Simple, Fast And Hard to Screw Up.
I Want To Have a Family Dinner Where We All Eat the Same Meal.
Do Sandwiches Count?
I Want To Use What I Already Have.
Let’s All Have a Playdate.
fun, right?
and it helps that it looks like it fell out of anthropologie.
 its eye candy.
my fave is the solid food roll-out where they give you all of the “adult” things
you can create out of your baby purees. {i.e. butternut squash soup? yes please!}
we are meal-planners at our house.
we plan-out the month and try to make only 3 shopping trips in the month
to stay within our strict budget.
 trying to be healthy AND easy/fast can be difficult but we do try.
on sunday we made the above dish.
looks good, right?
its too easy…
lemony chicken & potatoes with gremolata
{paraphrased + my changes}
on med-low heat,
brown chicken with {lots of} garlic and EVOO, then remove from pan.
caramelize onions in same pan with quartered potatoes and EVOO.
{and lots of S&P}
add about a cup of chicken stock {or water} and juice of 2 lemons {zest first}
raise heat for a minute.
add back in chicken & juices to pan, cover, and turn to medium.
{let cook until potatoes are tender. about 15 minutes}
zest from your 2 lemons,
handful of chopped parsley,
chopped garlic
{sprinkle on the green stuff when you serve/eat it.}
so yummy, 
and such a nice break from “chicken & veggies” night on the calender!


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1 comment on refashioned chicken and potatoes {& a cookbook you need}

  1. Whitney & Devin
    August 3, 2011 at 4:01 pm (7 years ago)

    Yum! I'm for sure a meal planner too. Its funny because I JUST blogged about my planning for this month ha! Seriously though this looks fabulous