legit traditional real liege belgian waffles are totally worth the time!

liege belgian waffle recipe real 

so, in the 6 years we’ve been married, cc has whined and whined for us to make these.

liege belgian waffle recipesee, he spent 2 years in Belgium and Holland and used to grab these waffles from a street vender, and there, since they aren’t Americans who eat sugar with sugar, they serve em up just like this, in parchment, hot off the “grill” and you eat em plain.

cept that these aren’t you aren’t yo mama’s waffles. so they don’t taste plain at all.

they taste like dough that’s been crafted and left over night to rise and then laced with sugar crystals that melt a little when they cook to give it the naughtiest sweetness. really the texture is closer to a doughnut than a waffle, and really closer to dessert than breakfast… but i’m not your food police, eat em whenever you freakin have the energy.

after we pulled these out of the waffle iron, cc turned into a 10 year old and said

“YES YES! when the sugar makes that glazy kind of crust on the outside, that’s EXACTLY how i remember it!”

ps, we have a legit waffle iron. you can’t make these in your regular ole tiny one because 1) these sugar pearls will burn if the iron is hotter than 375 degrees. 2) cause it aint Belgian if it’s not tall and deep. so, if you have one that is deep and has adjustable heat, so you can go low and slow, you’ll be fine. here’s the exact one we have on amazon. {and yes, it’s the one you want if you are going to make brownies, omelets… all that good stuff you’ve seen on youtube…}

liege waffle sugar crystals

and as for the sugar. if you haven’t seen them, yes, just like little sugar pebbles.  there are only a few places who carry it in stores, so don’t even waste your time looking. you might, i said might, see some near a checkout at IKEA, but it’s not likely… i’d say just order these on amazon too. better priced and 2 days. here’s the kind we used. You will be using about 6oz, or 1 cup for this recipe, so you may want to get the bigger bag here, if you plan to double the recipe.

liege belgian waffle sugar in hand

the other thing you should know is that this is one of those make the dough the night before recipes. so if you are planning to make these christmas morning, plan to make the dough on christmas eve and refrigerate overnight. it’s not really a last-minute decision kind of breakfast… which is good cause it’s fancy enough to have for special occasions anyway. i’d say a saturday afternoon and make em to eat plain on sunday morning is the way to go too! so. so. good. and with some nutella and strawberries and bananas… hello!


liege belgian waffles sugar recipe