perfectly fall pull-apart bread with the perfect hint-o-coconut glazey naughtiness on top. sorry/you’re welcome.

pumpkin cinnamon pull apart bread #fall #breakfast

This recipe was first posted over at Made From Pinterest.  {Where I contribute 1 post a month as a contributor}

Fall in San Diego is kind of a joke until late November… it’s still practically beach wheather. Not that I should be complaining about this, I know, but the leaves are barely changing and the stores are filling with sweaters, just laughing at us… not cool, SD, not cool. {literally, it’s not cool!}

So, I saw this recipe on pinterest and it made me feel all gooey and homesick and I had to try it out to see if it was just in my mind.

The bread is like a huge, gooey, pumpkin cinnamon roll. I changed up the glaze a little and used coconut extract instead of rum {cause I don’t keep rum around… and I’m obsessed with coconut.} It gave it the perfect edge I think it needed. It just falls apart and feels like fall.  I put the glaze on later so it was more like frosting, but if you put it on bread that is still very warm, it will melt all over and be more like a glaze. It also doesn’t shout PUMPKIN at you, it’s the perfect amount to make it moist and light without being overkill. Of course this would translate easily to cinnamon rolls if you needed individual servings, but the pull-apart bread is great for sharing.

Grab a cup of milk and cozy up with this one, or give it away to make someone’s week. It completely saved me from the we-are-not-in-fall-yet blues…

pumpkin cinnamon pull apart bread #fall #breakfast



pumpkin cinnamon pull apart bread #fall