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#7 – What would I do for LOVE | A Relationship Hack

True Story: My husband was out of town for a few weeks in a row, and when he came home for the weekend, we had a moment where I told him our plans for the weekend. He was less than thrilled with the idea I had planned. It was the very mud run race that I mention in...

#5 – Two things to do TODAY to be more PRODUCTIVE

These may seem simple, but this has helped me SO MUCH in the last year to really jump in and get more crap done and stay more focused in general. And quite frankly, both of these contribute a TON to my overall happiness. So here are TWO THINGS, very simple things...

#4 Self Love AND Progressing | w/ Monica Packer

This one is so important to me so I wanted to make sure it was one of the first podcasts I did. I was so excited to get to chat with Monica because she has such a great perspective to learn from, especially as it refers to healthy relationships with food and eating...

#3 – START before you are READY!

I don't know if you are like me, but I have lots of hesitation to start new things. I was definitely second guessing this podcast idea. I don't know what I'm doing. I'm new at this stuff... who even cares what I say... Sure. But we can all do that for years and not do...

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