i live in a tiny place.
it’s perfect for our tiny family,
and i love a lot of things about it
but it is still tiny.
it means that i don’t want to waist any spare space with clutter on counters.
my cute kitchen is very small and i have nill to none on counter space,
so i whipped up this cute solution i saw on pinterest forever ago
using the same color teal as i have used all over my house…
one of my favorite 5-minute projects.
{i have another shutter that i keep thinking wants to live on my mantle,
but i’m not creative enough to come up with how…i’ll get back to you on that…}
i love having a place to pile mail that doesn’t look cluttered and actually serves as a way to file bills and coupons, and random things i haven’t decided what to do with.
and it sits in my 4 ft of wall space {if you can call it that} in the hallway.
my other favorite thing on my wall is my wedding shadowbox.
it has all the invites n things from our wedding,
even a piece of fabric my cute designer gave me after making my dress.
it reminds me of something my grannie would have had in her house.
only the pictures are in color…
every time i walk by i think,
oh how i love pinterest