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pineapple & sticky rice {cause mango said no}

i’m not a huge recipe sharer,
and for a good reason….
thank me later.
this last weekend,
{what? how are we almost to the weekend again?!}
we were lazy,
and decided to get thai food,
rent a movie,
and cuddle on the couch.
i insisted that we at least go to the store to get the makings for mango & sticky rice.
if you haven’t had this at a thai restaurant,
i encourage you to do so immediately.
{though they will only serve it when mangos are in season….}
so, since mangos were NOT in season,
we tried it with pineapple.
and i wish i had tried this years ago.
i even dated an asian for years and we always talked about it,
but he thought it would take something fancy…

original recipe from


1 cup coconut milk
2 pinches salt
1 cup “sticky rice” {also called glutenous rice, or sweet rice. we used “thai rice” cause we
didn’t have time to go to the fancy asian store…}
2 tablespoons sugar

sticky rice

soak your rice in a microwaveable bowl with the water 10% more than the amount of rice {a little more than a cup} for 10 minutes. {this is important.} cover with a plate and heat in the microwave for 3 minutes. gently stir with a fork to move the bottom rice to the top, then heat again for 3 minutes.  all of the rice should be that near-translucent color when it’s done. {if it isn’t, go another minute and check until it is!}

heat the coconut milk over medium heat and simmer. {hard boiled coconut milk will curdle – didn’t know that!}  stir constantly. add the sugar and salt and remove from heat. pour 3/4 of the gooey goodness over your rice and let sit for 5 minutes. right before you plan to eat it {5 minutes later….} pour the rest on the top of the rice.  the rice will have soaked up the sweet coconut love and be so ooey gooey next to your cold fruit.  we used a fresh, sweet pineapple, but when mangos are in season, they are definitely the way to go!

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