today is my birthday here at the big red,
and i am so grateful for you that i wanted to be sure and give you a little somethin.
details are below to enter to win a printable planner AND 
a $50 gift card to etsy.

i’ve been blogging since about 2007, when i was in college,
single, and had a lot to say about… not a lot.

this blog was born 3 years ago,
in an attempt to simplify, and combine all my worlds into one place.
it’s here that i write about my life, family,
cooking adventures, photography, and design.
this planner i designed earlier this year and it has been my saving grace as a bloggin mom of 2.
it’s not geared towards bloggers {though that one is coming!}
but moms love it because of the meal planning. and the fact that it’s printable means you can print as you go and do it at home!
for all of the information about how i use my planner
and questions about the notebook and extras in the images, check out my planner post here.
if you’d rather just purchase it, it is also sold in the vintprint shop on etsy.
 and, if you know me at all,
you know i love to support the small business community. 
i could give you $50 anywhere,
but i like to send you to etsy where you might discover new shops,
and get something you really can’t anywhere else.

how to enter:
1. pin at least one of the images in this post 
{preferably the 1st}
2. enter here to get BRC emails so i can notify you if you win!

3. login to the rafflecopter below for more free entries to win

note: you will be receiving a printable planner, not a physical one. be sure to check the post on all the extras i use with my planner, but they will not be included in this giveaway. the etsy card will be emailed and can be used at any shop that accepts them. {most do!}