Our first room in the house is complete, and I’m in love with it. The kids’ colorful playroom is the only place I want to be. Which is convenient, as my computer nook is also in this room, so I can work from here while kids play, and it’s a bright and colorful and beautiful sight!

A fun colorful kids playroom with vinyl polkadots, IKEA shelves and rug, and lots of character

When we looked for a home {to rent, come on now, we just came from San Diego, we are too poor for a house!}, we looked for one with a “bonus room” or a landing area like this one because we really wanted to have the playroom separate from the kids rooms. Before, in our 900 square foot apt, we had both kiddos in one small room, and all the toys and mess there. I have to say, I was feeling claustrophobic myself!When I saw this bright white landing, with huge windows all around, I gasped and it’s a huge reason why we landed here!

The tenant before had a huge sectional in here, and treated it like a 3rd living space, but this was exactly what I was hoping for. So, we fled to IKEA of course, and found the shelves, rug, and the 1 by 4 Kallax shelf with bins to hold the toys. {We have some storage on the left side too, so they have clear bins for things like the trains, cars, costumes…etc. But there’s not much to see there, and it’s brown, so…ew.}

The colorful polka dot vinyl decals really brighten this playroom

I have changed the things on this wall a handful of times, but it only finally came together when I added the “live a COLORFUL life” sign from my girl over at Just Add Sunshine Inc. She’s incredible. And I just ordered a few more for other places too… it tied it all in after I put up the vinyl dots from Urban Walls especially too. I found some similar on Amazon, but the colors were not quite as cute as hers. And she let me do a 1/2 order since I didn’t need that many.

The rest of these were from Home Goods or made.

Colorful gallery wall for kids playroom

One of my high school girlfriends gave me that alphabet at Boss’s baby shower and I never had a place to put it but saved it, and I’m so glad, because it’s tons of fun in here. The painted art is actually from Reese’s 2nd Birthday party, when we shot darts at paint-filled balloons. I love that it all tells a story ya know?

Colorful kids playroom with IKEA rug and shelves. Polka dot vinyl decals make this room amazing! Mom sign for playroomKids bookshelves in colorful playroom. Shelves from IKEA   Vintage School desk in bright colorful playroom. The red rocking chair and black and white rug.