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One more off the bucket list. Sleeping on the perfect bed: check. 

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of The Dream Bed™.


Dream it forward and our Dream Bed

A little while ago, we got to redo our bedroom and make it feel all cozy and more like us. Our bedroom, the headboard and the bed itself remind me that we can make our dreams happen.

Our room and The Dream

About 5 years ago when we first arrived in California, I was home alone, pregnant, and jobless. I whined often that I couldn’t afford to change anything about our “stuff” and lamenting that it might be forever before we could own our own place and really make it ours.

It took about a year of being married to realize I had picked bedding I hated and that he didn’t care at all about what he slept in.  One night, he told me just to make it happen. He talked me into making the duvet cover I wanted, So I did. And shortly after that, when we were going to try to get rid of his massive headboard, he said, “lets paint it!” So we did. And eventually a few years ago when we inherited the cal king mattress from friends, I finally bought the duvet I wanted and now I have a bedroom that reflects me more than most corners of my home. Looking at it reminds both that we have come a long way from that ugly brown and red comforter and that we can make our dreams happen if we work for it.

Beach Decor bedroom in teal, gray, and white.

The only painful part of all this, and I mean literally painful, was the mattress. Though finally large enough to sleep in without the human steam roller squishing me in the night, the mattress had deep dips where it’s former owners {our dear friends} slept. {You can almost see the dips there!} It made for sleepless nights and days with back pain.

Those who have known me for any length of time know that I sadly have functioned on less than 5 hours of sleep most nights with a never-ending fight with insomnia.  When I get anxious, my thoughts and that bed {and my kids} kept me up.

So when The Dream Bed™ arrived at our door last week, it was literally like Santa had come. And arrived on the most perfect day when we really needed a win. I heard the truck pull up and ran to my window, and I heard my boys run to check the window too. I ran out in a towel and both my husband and my four year old were jumping up and down screaming, “it’s here! it’s here!” like…well, four year olds. {I’ll let you gather that image for a second…}

The Dream Bed unboxing

The Dream Bed unboxing

Buy a Dream, Give a Dream, & Dream it Forward

I have loved this company for a while, and as one who pays close attention to marketing and branding, I just think they have got it right!  They live in that sweet spot of online storefront and a traditional store. Order the bed online, it comes in 2 days with free shipping. In a box!

I also respect and appreciate companies who know how to give back, and to make a difference in the world.  When you buy a mattress, they will donate a mattress to someone in need, so Dream Bed is providing good sleep to so many people. And as a company, they give back to the community and have donated lots of mattresses to homeless shelters to help those in need to dream big too.

 photo 1.jpg

The BED!

Let me just say, the two of us woke up the first morning after sleeping on the Cool Dream Bed, and I was almost in tears. I have never slept so well. The cool version is just like the Original Dream Bed, but also has a layer of cool gel on the top so the bed doesn’t overheat with your body temperature. I sleep hot, so that was another lovely addition. The mattress is made of two kinds of foam and contours to your body so sleeping on my back and side don’t make me feel like I need to chop off an arm!

Cool Dream Bed

Look how awesome it looks in the room! I even love how my duvet lays on it because it has a more boxy modern feel. Cleaner. {Look at the bed above to see the difference!}

My Dream Bed and beach decor in teal, gold, and gray

And I LOVE that they’ll give you 180 days to try it out and they do free returns if you don’t like it. I don’t know why you wouldn’t, it’s delicious, but either way, I think that’s cool. The tried and true method of sending a bed in a box, they have mastered. We filmed the unpacking and set-up so you can see how cool it is to watch this thing come to life!

Unboxing The Dream Bed!

Unboxing The Dream Bed from Meg Clifford on Vimeo.

And now I climb into bed and remember we have a long way to go, but we’ve come a long way too!

Happy dreaming!

Dream it forward and my Dream Bed

Dream it forward with reese

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of The Dream Bed™