so, today is my birthday.
and i have a lot of things that i want or wish i could have. lately everything i talk about at our house has to do with the blog. we are rebranding, redesigning, we are making good food, we are building a photography business, we are constantly adding projects to our list, we are learning, growing, and trying to improve ourselves along the way. earlier this year i went to my first blog conference and i LOVED it. i felt so inspired, met a lot of amazing women {and men} who blog for a living and get to spend lots of time with their families because the blogs support their households. yes, that’s the dream.

you might have noticed that i am an influencer with the BlogHer community. i LOVE BlogHer. they have been very good to me, and as we’ve grown, so have my opportunities to learn more, grow more, and earn more.

so when they told me they have a conference they’ll be holding close to home, i got so excited!!

i already shared with you my reasons you should go to a conference if you are a blogger… it’s worth it’s weight in gold for sure! here’s where you can register for the local conference if you want to go. {there is a built-in discount code if you get it there}

basically, my blog picked up a ton after my last conference. i pay more attention to my photography, i have grown close with lots of bloggers and we have made facebook groups and planned retreats so we can help each other to grow and learn even more. it’s an inspiring group of women, this blogging community, and i would REALLY LOVE to go to a BlogHer conference. they are like the mother of all blog conferences!!

and along with many amazing speakers, kerry washington {from Scandal!} will be at this one. i would love to hear her. BlogHer conferences are nice because they can always get some famous speakers as well as bloggers that would be great to hear from. women can be each other’s greatest imspiration to grow.