happy birthday to my main man today.
he’s old, but i still like him lots.
we went on a date on friday night to san diego’s famous phil’s BBQ.
and he loved it.
{please forgive the poor pictures.}
personally, i’m kind of snooty about ribs, now that we know how to make em so good,
but he was so happy to have hisself some man food.
and the mac salad alone, is worth going for….

since we had grown too tired for a movie {at 7pm, see, old man…},
we headed for dessert.
so many people had told me about  Extraordinary desserts 
in little italy and we hadn’t been,
so we picked out something yummy to share after Little was down,
and we could finally button our pants from dinner again.
{ok, maybe i was the only one who couldn’t button pants.
and maybe it was before dinner.}
but this place is fabulous…

so you can sit in a classy urban restaurant and just have dessert, 
or order it to go and they box it up.
perfection. every bite.

truth is, the dessert trip was really for me,
cause my super exciting man just wants ice cream.
so i never get to make a cake or get too fancy,
cause what he really wants, is ice cream.
so, for our family dinner on sunday, 
i made him this ice cream bomb cake

there are 3 different kinds of ice cream there and a layer of oreos on the bottom, but you wouldn’t know it, cause my guy likes mostly vanilla….
but so happy about it that how can i judge?
love you big guy, 
even if you are a can’t-decide-what-you-want-to-do-
kind of guy…