so, i have received no less than a dozen emails asking me about a new printable planner. so, for #freebiefriday i finally manned up and got this ready for you.

and truth be told, i just don’t have it in me to do a new completely filled in planner this year. i had lots of fun putting in your favorite quotes and i really did love having the dates and months all filled in for me,

but it meant it had to be perfect, so it was just so so much work!


this year, since i know i’m going to be simplifying a whole lot in my world, i thought i’d make it super easy. so, here is the new planner.

writeย  your own damn dates!!

printable planner 2015 fill it in


ok, that was harsh. you know i love you, right?

meal trackingi even added a new page, per request, to track meal planning daily so you can keep a food log of sorts and start the year right.

i already know this is going to help me lots in my efforts to stay healthy and meet some goals. i use the bottom boxes for my daily goals… There is a similar thing on the week view too, but this has a spot for meals and snacks in case you are really planning it all out!


i hope you like it.

also, this prints best on cardstock because of the light colors, but you can go plain if you want. there are no rules here…

note: feel free to share, but please don’t distribute as a download anywhere else. honor code, folks!