how to redo rooms on a budget and keep the landlord happy is a fun new game we like to play lately…

nautical beach bathroom 1

i had been wishing i could do something with this bathroom for months.

something that could change it up enough to make it feel like a new place.

it’s the only room in the house where i can go after a long day

and pee alone, and in silence… for 40 minutes.

WHAT?! you don’t do that??

good for you, you’re probably a better person…

so i told cc what i wanted, and what i was dreaming up in my head

{based on lots of photos from pinterest, of course}

and he drew me this:

bathroom concept layout

 which, first of all, is pretty hot, right?

man, i love that nerd.

so our initial ideas involved a towel rack of sorts, a way to hang the mr. & mrs. towels we got for our wedding…

and the mirror, shell art, and jars that i made with the help of elmers.

the tutorials for those are here.

nautical beach bathroom 5

nautical beach bathroom 3

the pallet wall took about 3 pallets.

we measured the wall space to cover, and cc cut the pallet boards using a sawsall {to remove them from the pallet} and then a miter saw to get them all to the same length.

we cut some plywood to size and stapled them end to end to hold them in place,

then we used the same technique as we did with the shell art up there,

just lined em up and glued them down!

the nice thing about this, is that now i have a temporary, moveable wall!

in a new place it might want to go above a couch, or become a headboard…

it’s reincarnation possibilities are looking good…

and for now, since it’s pretty heavy, it’s just leaning against the wall.

for safety, it could take a screw in each of the top corners that could easily be filled later…

nautical beach bathroom pallet wall 1

some of the wood is from this pallet we painted for a business we ran for a few years…

{back when it was normal to spend lots on custom iphone cases….}

we loved the little grafitti look it left, so we left them showing.

plus, we had some teal happening, so it worked well!

nautical beach bathroom pallet wall 2nautical beach bathroom 4

and then we made up a rope shelf.

the rope shelf MAKES the room for me.

we bought about 14 feet of rope, and an L bracket and hook to hang it.

we cut the wood, beat the crap out of it, and made holes for the rope,

it didn’t take long to make and was fairly inexpensive – with the stain, about $30.

nautical beach bathroom rope shelf

this room has been done for weeks, but not only is it where my 1 year old naps during the day

{the joys of 2 nappers in the same room…},

but it is a nightmare to photograph this room… 

thought you might enjoy knowing that i stood in the shower for you.

i love that the shelf sits in front of the mirror, and puts something above the toilet,

but seriously. how to you shoot straight on a mirror? you don’t.

nautical beach bathroom 7

this little jar with sand has shells we found in cabo,

the jar is from this beachy baby shower we threw a while back {$1},

the mayflower ship figurine was from amazon {$8}.

nautical beach bathroom 8 nautical beach bathroom 9

we made this modern clock with the wood that came in my wood-burning kit and the clock guts we found on amazon too… {$3}

grabbed this metal “C” cork holder on amazon for $16

and the cast iron nautical anchor hook solved our towel hanging problem for about $9 too.

nautical beach bathroom 10 nautical beach bathroom 11

and this is a vintage postcard. it came in a pack that my roommate from college sent me years ago.

i’d been waiting for a few places to feature these cause they make me smile and laugh every time i see them.

just out of curiosity, i totally found the super sassy/borderline inappropriate postcards for you on amazon too {$9}.

please go buy 2 and laugh hysterically. you’ll need two cause after you look through them, you’ll know a woman who needs a set too…

nautical beach bathroom 12

 in case you were wondering what it really looks like here…

“here kid, please play a game so i can shoot the bathroom for 20 minutes…”

#thingsbloggerssay right?

nautical beach bathroom 14

 so, the all the stuff we bought, and add a towel ring, a few mason jars, crystal drawer pulls, a mason jar soap dispenser lid, and some stain,

we came in right under $100!

nautical beach bathroom 2

pretty big difference!

before and after nautical beach bathroom

beach nautical bathroom design decor