i’ve been working on this since the weekend of boston’s birthday/gender reveal party…

i literally scoured the web for something i could use to make my life easier, feel more organized,
and once i realized it didn’t exist, i sat down, amid all of the million other things i was doing that weekend, and with family in town, and running errands, i stayed up nights getting this put together for myself so i could breathe. then i printed a month or two out and got to work… and have made a few revisions. hopefully a few more with your help!

and, as you may have noticed, i have been posting lots of food lately.

why? cause i have a plan!
it’s on my schedule, and if i’m organized, and have what i need,
crap gets done.

still doesn’t mean i sleep, but hey…

so, this planner, will soon be able for instant download in the shop here

so, here’s the run down of what i did for mine:

i bought this fabulous teal martha stewart planner here.
{duh, teal. that was a no-brainer.} 
and found all the little stickers and tabs right there in the martha section of staples too…
i went ahead and purchased a punch similar to this one here for $30 there. i’m sure you could also find one on amazon… 
i love that it has a place for my biz cards, since i have this life planner with me…everywhere now.
{much to my husband’s chagrin… no wait, he’s eating dinner now and we are on budget, so no, he’s happy.}

this here is mainly why i made it:
i need me a week view. give it to me all at once, on paper,
not this device. sorry, sweetheart, the ipad is great, but by the time i’ve opened the app,
and found the right tool and page in which to write my quick note, i’ve forgotten it.

i have to have it on paper. old school style.
but, studies show, you will remember it if you write it down by hand.

and while the week view has a place for meals, i also made a quick shopping list/meal planning page to insert wherever i want… or just have a section of them. i may even just laminate it and write over it each week. either way, it’s been so much nicer to see what i need and add to the list all week until saturday when i lug the family out grocery shopping…

aaaand having them in my week-view means i can flip back to the recipes we’ve tried and put em back on. i use to always forget the good ones, but now we have delicious repeats!


the VP printable planner {as of now} includes:

  • 13 full calendar months {begins with current month}
  • 52 week layouts with meal planning
  • 1 meal planning/shopping list page
  • 2 notes pages {for front/back view}

note: this one is yellow & gray, though i will be making another in multi-color.
also note: i will also have available a personalizable cover-sheet in any design in my shop as an extra $3. if you want one when you win, i’ll make you one of those too!

UPDATE: if you want to purchase the full planner, 
it’s available now in the shop!  
just click on the image below to purchase!

so, on to the give-away
we finally broke 200 followers {i know, lots of you are on bloglovin now too}
but we really appreciate the support and the growth we’ve had on the little blog.
we’ve doubled our views since november, 
 and we have you to thank for that!
so, to thank you,
we’ll give out an Etsy card for $25
you can use at any shop that accepts them.
{i like to support the small biz world}
a free printable of the new VP planner!

enter using the rafflecopter below. may take just a minute to load.
winner will be chosen and emailed next friday the 26th.
open to international readers as prizes will be emailed. 😉

the planner will NOT come in the cute binder {though, if we hit a certain number of entries, i might just throw it in, so keep sharing!}, it is just the emailed files for you to print.
they are all 8.5×11 so you can punch them like here, or put em in a 3-ringer.

thank you!

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